Rogers - Instruction

Marching Band

  • plan rehearsals, feedback from box and field, plan and run sectionals


Concert Band

  • plan and run rehearsals, assist with rehearsals, full and individual comments, break group into ww/br
  • plan and run concert band 1 rehearsals , select appropriate literature for rehearsals and performances
  • assist Scott with symphonic band rehearsals, full and individual comments
  • assist Mobley with wind ensemble rehearsals, full and group comments
  • select appropriate literature

Jazz Band

  • plan and run jazz band 2 rehearsals
  • assist with jazz band 1 rehearsals
  • select appropriate literature


  • None


  • None



  • prepare students for region band auditions in group and individual settings
  • prepare students for solo and ensemble in group and individual settings
  • collaboratively invest in and develop student leadership, guide selection process and monitor and track progress, give informal feedback
  • assist as needed with middle school ensemble rehearsals, group and individual feedback
  • monitor private lesson teachers, ask for feedback regarding students